Community Life

Contrary to our overriding instinct for privacy, the Church is a people, plural; a community and not a private endeavor. Jesus’ church is called a body, which implies connectedness. Valley Hope encourages all of its members and attenders to be a part of a small group that meets weekly in people’s homes. There are currently five small groups that serve as a place to do life together and to invite our friends to experience community with us. In addition to these groups of around 14 people, Valley Hope encourages everyone to be a part of Life Transformation Groups. LTGs are clusters of 2-3 people that regularly meet for accountability and prayer. This intentional form of meeting encourages us to keep finding new ways to grow in grace and involve ourselves in the mission of God in Black Mountain. In addition to this, less frequent women’s and men’s group meetings provide additional opportunities for people to know others and to be known.

“The Church exists for no other reason than to draw people into Christ.” -C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity